Other Consulting Services
College Search U is the flagship business and service of W.C. McMurray & Associates LLC (WCMA). Led by Bill McMurray and Kathy Strand, WCMA provides customized programs and services to organizations or the community-at-large.

Presentations, Workshops & Forums:
High schools and other organizations that support the value of higher education can make arrangements for us to plan and present classroom or after-school talks, evening/weekend workshops or panel forums regarding virtually any topic related to college admission practices and higher education today. We offer highly competitive rates taking into account the non-profit status of public schools and community organizations. 

Sample topical areas of expertise include: 
  • How to take control of the college search (different versions for parents and students)
  • How do colleges make admission decisions (different versions for parents and students)
  • How on earth did we get here? Reasons behind today’s focus on selectivity, test scores, and “noise”
  • Practical ways to address affordability concerns 
  • 2nd chance strategies for non-traditional students (adults 24 years and older)
  • Nursing – tips for preparing quality applications for BSN or MSN programs
  • Your topic – talk to us about your audience and desired topics

For more information, please email info@collegesearchu.com.

Educational Consulting Services:
College Search U staff provide ongoing as well as short-term contracted services to institutions of higher education and organizations supporting colleges and the college admission process. Each arrangement is customized and optimizes the breadth and depth of our experience in higher education. Recruitment travel and territory management services, alumni admissions programming and staff training, remote application review, public speaking, and content generation are among the types of services we provide. 
Important Notice Regarding Transparency: 

College Search U strictly adheres to its core values and industry best practices and guidelines related to college counseling. As such, we disclose to our College Search U clients the names of any institutions of higher learning with which we currently or recently have had a contractual arrangement. Similarly, our work as independent college counselors through College Search U is made clear to institutional clients. We also communicate with clients the measures taken that remove any conflict of interest should the potential arise.