"Both Bill and Kathy were enthusiastically supportive of the hard work and long journey I faced as a high school senior, but were eager to relieve some of the stress and make the process as fun as it should be! They worked above-and-beyond to provide extra resources on top of their time, organizational help, knowledge of the entire admissions process and great spirits! I am so glad I had them on my team, and know without a doubt that I made the right choice for college in the fall."

College Freshman
Class of 2015, Scarborough High School (Maine)


"Bill McMurray is an enthusiastic counselor who has a real and developed passion for the well-being of students, a constituent he believes should remain at the center of the college process. Knowledgeable and experienced, Bill is always looking for the best in students while also
being transparent and thoughtful about the nuance and complexity involved in applying to college. Bill, with his sense of humor and his down-to-earth nature, is a reliable and thoughtful adult in any family's corner."

Kelly Richards, Director of College Counseling 
St. George’s School (Newport, RI)


“Bill has an incredibly warm and upbeat tone with students that puts them at their ease.  This allows them to speak about themselves and their stories in a genuine way.  His enthusiasm for the college search, and his wealth of knowledge about best practices, benefits nervous students and their parents in concrete and numerous ways.  Bill is a valued colleague because of his professionalism, integrity, humor, and wisdom.”

Moira McKinnon, Director of College Counseling 
Berwick Academy (South Berwick, ME)


"Kathy was so very helpful to both my daughter and me. Her feedback was very detailed. It really supported my daughter's writing and many of her comments were helpful for writing in general. The feedback was both specific in terms of writing issues and big picture in terms of presentation. For me, Kathy helped me understand how the admissions office might "see" my daughter's application."

M.S.C., parent 
Westchester County, NY


 "Bill's 30+ years of experience on both sides of the college admission desk privileges him --and by extension, his clients -- with not only intimate knowledge of what pushes the buttons of college admission officers in regard to applications, essays, interviews, and more, but also affords him access to hundreds of professionals in the field across the country. A colleague and friend to many, he can pick up the phone or shoot off an email for some quick advice or insight into a particular question or some knotty problem. Bill is good-humored, welcoming and wise. Parents will feel good with their kids in Bill's hands."

Rick Rizoli
The Rivers School (Weston, MA)