College Advising Services

No two students –even if they are twins – will approach or experience their college search journey the exact same way. For this reason, when you partner with College Search U, you can expect high levels of personalization and individualized advising and, most importantly, periodic adjustments as students learn more about themselves and the colleges they are exploring or to which they have applied.

Through your partnering with College Search U, we become like extended family members. We look out for opportunities and achievable goals on our client’s behalf, based on a holistic understanding of needs and preferences. For a sample of what students can expect through our counseling services, please visit our page that summarizes our approach to the College Search Process.  Note that we do not provide test prep services, though we very much understand testing, test scores and test-optional admission practices.

Single Flat Rate
No matter when you begin your partnership with College Search U, the rate for our services remains the same. We do this to emphasize that our approach to the college search process (through Discover, Explore, Apply and Select phases) is applied to each of our clients with the same care, professionalism and objectivity. 

We also choose to charge a single flat rate (payment options available) for its convenience and planning purposes for families and because we strive to encourage students to begin their partnership with us as early as possible (see Getting Started). This means students and families that contract with us sooner, for example as early as January of sophomore year in high school, don’t pay additional fees to cover their longer association with us. 
 Hourly Packages
For families seeking professional consultation on a specific aspect of the college search process, such as the development of an initial list of colleges to explore, high school course selection, or college essay coaching, we offer task-specific consulting services customized to your needs, either at our hourly rate or as part of an hourly package. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Contact us
We know you have questions about our services and approach to guiding students and families through the college search. Email us with questions or to schedule a no-obligation, 30-minute consultation to learn more and to see if we’re the “right fit” for you and your needs.

Thank you for considering what we can offer you and your family during the college search. 
 What We Offer

Comprehensive advising services:
We focus on finding the right fit in terms of the academic and extracurricular interests and goals of  students, and the financial and affordability concerns of their families. 

Resources, experience and perspective:  
We approach the college search as an educational process, striving to deepen student and parental understanding of colleges and their admission practices from an insider’s perspective.

Guidance throughout the college search process: 
We focus not only on the outcome of a right fit college but also on the special journey that families can and should experience together during this time. 
Transfer Student? 

Where We Serve
Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont. For other areas, please Contact Bill for more information.