Getting Started

At College Search U we customize the timeline of our services according to when students and their parents or guardians enter an agreement with us.

Based on our experience and professional best practices, we recommend that students and parents begin working with us by the end of the fall of junior year of high school By this time, chatter among friends and relatives (“where are you thinking of going?”), media-based rankings, a plethora of reference sources, and what we term “noise,” can overwhelm even the most sanguine among us.

Get started earlier if you sense that the “noise” is causing you or your son or daughter to feel eager (or anxious) to get started. Early spring of sophomore year or during the summer heading into junior year are other good times to set up an arrangement with College Search U.

If starting later (summer prior to senior year), we still welcome your inquiry and can help on a space-available basis.

The first step to getting started is letting us know you are interested in learning more about our approach to college counseling. Contact Us.

The next step is to schedule an introductory, no-obligation consultation via group zoom where Kathy meets your son or daughter and, if possible, both parents.

The purpose of the consultation is for us to learn more about the college planning needs and aspirations of  you and your family –and especially your son or daughter and their interests and achievements in high school thus far. We will share information about common admission practices in higher education today and how following the “journey” approach to the college search can help you take greater control of the process. Based on our conversation, we’ll share some initial points of advice and encouragement. Most important, this initial consultation is an opportunity for you to gain a good sense of who we are, our values and the passion we feel about college counseling and higher education.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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