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Comprehensive Advising

Everything we do is customized and grounded in a thorough understanding of post-secondary education options that reflect all manner of academic records and affordability criteria. In this way, we meet students –and family situations -where they are, bringing professional experience and expertise that’s rooted in working inside higher education/college admissions most of our careers. This highly personalized and strategic approach includes three key factors, all centered on finding “right fit” college options:

  1. Extensive professional experience in college admissions so we use an insider’s knowledge of how colleges make admisssion, financial aid, and merit scholarship decisions to help predetermine not only the level of admission predictability but also the net cost to the family. Because of this professional background, we can help family accurately integrate academic/social/financial fit criteria throughout the process;
  2. High ethical standards;
  3. Love of helping students bring out their best selves not only in their college essays and applications but also in how they identify their goals/preferences, define quality/fit for them, make decisions, and experience personal growth throughout the college planning process.

Advising Packages with Single Flat Rate

We offer packages for students beginning in sophomore or junior year, charging a single flat rate (payment options available) for its convenience and planning purposes for families. Services for rising seniors are offered on a space available basis. The maximum number of students we work with at any given time is 30 and capacity is typically reached each admission/application cycle.

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We know you have questions about our services and approach to guiding students and families through the college search. Email us with questions or to schedule a no-obligation, introductory consultation to learn more and to see if we’re the “right fit” for you and your needs.

Thank you for considering what we can offer you and your family during the college search.

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